Brad Shuber
9518 168th Ave NE
Redmond WA 98052
(425) 591-1341

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Accumulated Experience (unique experience listed with specific job):
Worked with internal teams and external publishers to establish visual direction that match the
story, the design, and the visual goals of our projects.
I have directed a wide diversity of projects that required everything from simple tone videos to
Vertical Slice type demos or prototypes and had a wide range of styles and target audiences.  
Responsible for the day to day and long term management of teams as large as 18 artists
which included environment, lighting, and tech artists and have been comprised of individuals
and teams at all levels of experience.
Managed outsourcing efforts between multiple outsourcing companies
Responsible for schedule creation, enforcement, and management for very diverse projects
As ENV Lead I have supported the art director by directing my team to accomplish the
established projects visual and quality goals within our performance and time budgets.
Worked with Design to help establish game play standards and enforced their needs and
Created and maintaining the pipelines of responsibility and workflows between multiple
Created, documented, and enforced performance and visual guidelines for assets and levels.
Created and documented modular construction methodologies for challenges of various sizes
and complexities.
Responsible for hiring members for my team as well as other disciplines…  conversely I have
Responsible for employee reviews and disciplinary measures when needed
Taken on extra duties when needed such as Studio Art Operations Management, Art Team
Morale Events, Studio Enhancement
15.5 years of experience in the industry
5.5 years of experience using the Unreal 3 engine
10 years of experience using proprietary graphics engines

September 2008 – Current:
Airtight Games

Art Director
Unannounced Project
Lead Environment Artist
Dark Void (

May 2005- September 2008:
Surreal Software

Lead Environment Artist
This is Vegas --  An ambitious open world game that took place in a conceptualized
version of Las Vegas and was being created using modified Unreal 3 technology.
I also drove the creation of the final world map used to layout the world; it’s locations,
driving experience, and game flow.  Usually a task given to designers, I was asked to
take this on as it was a large roadblock for my team and needed momentum.
Given multiple presentations throughout Midway and have participated in think tanks and
pipeline discussions that have impacted all Midway Studios.
Worked recruiting events such as GDC and local college events.
I was given Midway's "Over the Top" Award
Award given out to peer nominated employees that perform beyond expectation
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May 1995 – May 2005:
Image Space Incorporated (ISI)

Art Director
Traveled domestically and internationally to instruct and support ISI customers leasing
their technologies.
Lead Artist
3D Artist
Art Intern
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Released Titles:
Dark Void (XBOX 360, PS3, PC) – released Jan 2010
rfactor  ( )
NASCAR Thunder 2004
NASCAR Thunder 2003
F1 99-02
F1 2002
F1 2001
F1 2000 CS
F1 2000
Sports Car GT

Unreal 3
Snagit! (Best little program ever!)
MS Project

Bowling Green State University
BFA Computer Art (4.5 year program)
Minor in Painting
GPA 3.8